cioplenu for work safety

Creating work safety and eliminating potential hazards


Workplace safety as top priority

Change your company’s safety culture with a digital software solution that employees can learn within minutes. With security notifications, confirmation prompts, and real-time reports, you can ensure that your employees are running operational processes in a secure manner.

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Proactively avoid injuries

The most common workplace incidents do not result from unknown dangers, but from non-compliance with work procedures. Sprains, strains, slips, stumbles, cuts and bruises can be avoided if the right measures are taken. Remind your employees of safety instructions even in daily routine work steps. In this way you eliminate potential dangers at their core.

Identify problems before they occur

cioplenu offers a wide range of safety instructions so that you are prepared for any hazardous situation. The required validation of instructions ensures a reliable and orderly process and demonstrably prevents the number of user accidents.

Safety has top priority

Safety instructions are deliberately taken note of. This drastically reduces the probability of injury right from the start. Even with new and unfamiliar processes, accidents and damage become an exception.

Safety in production

Manage changes centrally

Work instructions and checklists can be processed centrally. This means that changes that take effect quickly can be made at any time and individual adaptations can be made quickly and easily.

Make changes in real time

Change messages are broadcast live to the workers’ tablets and always keep them up to date. Your employees work with the correct work instructions and checklists surely.

Confirmation of safety instructions

By adding safety notices to checklists, individual safety requirements and conditions can be created for each work step, so workers are always informed in every situation.

Mandatory employee confirmation

The possibility to query certain work points in a mandatory manner not only serves to highlight important points, but also to ensure that important working conditions are fulfilled without exception.

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