Why cioplenu?

cioplenu solves all static and paper-based process documentation problems

Paper-based work instructions and checklists cause enormous challenges on the shop floor, are often not fully understood, and represent a break with your company’s digital systems. Departments work with self-created templates in typical office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. cioplenu puts an end to this and revolutionizes the way of working on the shop floor.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher

Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

“With cioplenu, we are less dependent on external service providers. Thus we could reduce our costs in the six-digit range.”

Eckhard Böker

Head of Supply Chain & Production, Brückner Maschinenbau

“You first see one use case and start with the implementation. The possibilities for further use cases of cioplenu are just exploding.”

Reduced documentation effort

How much time do you actually spend on document creation, updating, searching, printing, provision and archiving? With cioplenu you create your process documentation using a wide range of modules to drag and drop. The search and archiving effort is reduced to a minimum. This gives you the freedom to devote yourself to value-adding activities.

Reliable process execution

By integrating images and videos you increase the comprehensibility of the product documentation, even worldwide due to the consistent multilingualism of the software. Increase your process adherence, product quality, and shorten the training time of new employees.

Real-time availability

Your process instructions are always globally available and up to date. You can also request employees to take note of version changes. Meet the requirements of your auditors and establish global process standards.

Complete integration

Connect cioplenu with your ERP system and link order data with process instructions. The physical route card is no longer necessary. Once the process is complete, the data can be returned to all common systems.

Avoid media breaks and integrate process instructions into the digital corporate environment.

Company-wide software standard

Instead of isolated applications, you establish a documentation standard across all productive departments with one software. With enormous flexibility in designing the documentation, you can ensure a comprehensive quality standard. Deploy your employees more versatile – one software is enough.

What makes cioplenu unique?

The interaction of eight dimensions makes cioplenu unique:

High industry orientation

Developed with the requirements of world market leaders of the German “Mittelstand”

Innovative functionalities

Innovative functionalities such as modular documentation and intelligent structural classes

Flexibility and scalability

Use cases such as maintenance, quality inspection or production in one software. This saves implementation costs and simplifies work in general

Extensive interfaces

ERP integration via CLI Connector. This is how vendor-independent ERP data can be transferred to cioplenu and back

Convincing ROI

Return-on-invest within weeks. Schedule a personal ROI-consultation appointment with us

Easy handling

High usability and an ergonomic design – that’s what our customers confirm

Secure hosting

Highest security and availability standards through Azure-Cloud and individual workflows (Logic Apps) as well as holistic user management (Active Directory)

Less introduction time

Software introduction within a few weeks independent of the used hardware such as tablets, laptops or desktop PC

Get to know the cioplenu software in a personal meeting