Training and education

Independent and efficient

Secure practical knowledge

Secure important process knowledge of your employees. With the cioplenu platform, you can quickly and easily create documentation for the independent training of new employees or the further training of existing staff. With the integrated multilingualism you can create process standards even across locations.

Provide training material via link

Documents for training and education can be distributed directly to employees via a link. This ensures simple and fast distribution and provision of information.

Automatically keep training documents up to date

Integrate documentation from production operations, such as safety instructions, quality guidelines, or instructions for training courses. Modular links enable the use of cioplenu documentation in several application areas.

Increase comprehensibility

Increase the comprehensibility of your learning materials by visualizing your processes with pictures and videos. You can record the media directly with the tablet or smartphone and integrate them directly into the desired learning documentation without media breaks.

Enabling independent learning

With the help of work instructions and checklists, your employees can acquire new knowledge step-by-step and independently. Even unskilled specialists become productive more quickly and experienced colleagues can concentrate on their value-adding activities.

Enable qualification-specific training courses

Integrate company-specific qualification classes and levels to map the training principles and concepts of your company one-to-one in cioplenu. Benefit from existing qualification concepts from the cioplenu Qualification Library.

Get to know the training and education with cioplenu