Our nine software principles

The cioplenu software is developed based on nine core principles to solve the challenges of our customers and thus turn any shopfloor documentation into a digital asset.

Innovation as Solution

Cloud SaaS

Release on Demand


One Code, individual configuration

All data in the eu

file formats

Export capability

security through Technology

Standard file formats

High export capability

Security through technology

Innovation as a solution driver

We founded cioplenu out of a research project at the TU Munich. Since then, it has been part of our corporate philosophy to understand challenges and problems and to solve them through technical innovations in our software. We want to constantly develop the best solution for our customers. This is our aspiration as engineers from day 1.

Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud-based SaaS solutions are not yet very common on the production floors of industrial companies. We are convinced that SaaS will represent the quasi-standard for the production environment in the future. Future-oriented and competitive companies are recognizing this turning point and are increasingly using SaaS software on the shop floor as well. We support these companies by delivering the cioplenu solution on the Azure-Cloud and continuously developing and improving it.

Release on demand

A key distinguishing feature of SaaS software is that it is constantly evolving, all users of the software work with the same software core and all functional and technological enhancements. Our modular architectural approach ensures that you can decide individually for your company when new functions are rolled out to your employees.


In the architecture of the software, we ensure the best possible solution for each of our customers. Through individually selectable functions and software modules you provide your company, your locations and your teams with exactly the functions that you need.

One code, individual configuration

We do not customize the cioplenu software in the program code. This distinguishes our software from individual solutions developed by IT service providers or IT departments. However, our modular approach ensures that the cioplenu cloud software can be individually configured and adapted to customer requirements. Our Customer Success Team provides individual support and helps with the configuration of the software.

All data in the EU

We develop our software together with our partners and customers in Germany and Europe. All data is stored in German data centers of Microsoft Germany.

Standard file formats

We consistently rely on open file formats and permanent exportability. All stored and created content in the cioplenu software is saved and processed in standard formats such as SQL, JSON, XML or CSV.

High export capability

You can export your data in cioplenu for archiving or external backups at any time. If you decide, you no longer want to use cioplenu, you always have the option of further processing your content in Word, Excel or other structured formats thanks to the standard file formats used.

Security through technology

We work exclusively with the latest technologies in our web application and on our servers. The cioplenu software is delivered to our customers through an encrypted connection (TLS 1.3 / HTTPS).

Learn more?

Would you like to learn more about the cioplenu software? We are glad to introduce you to the software and the company cioplenu in our webinars and events. We look forward to the exchange.

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