The intuitive last mile in maintenance


Empower your workforce with image- and video-based maintenance checklists. Carry out your maintenance planning intelligently, provide maintenance knowledge paperlessly and in real time, and set global process standards. In this way, you increase your machine availability and reduce your maintenance costs.

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Your benefits

less effort
for documentation
usability for your employees

The last mile in maintenance

With cioplenu you enable intuitive and simple operational execution of maintenance processes. Provide your employees with intuitive instructions and checklists, plan your activities and benefit from comprehensive transparency.

Digital worker guidance using digital work instructions and checklists.

Perform processes reliably

Navigate through interactive checklists in all languages and sign digitally after completion

Record and report findings

Capture image and video feedback on the spot and report progress and findings back in real-time

Create and assign tasks

Create, assign and collaboratively solve individual tasks in case of incidents

Planning of a maintenance measure in digital software solution.

Create maintenance planning

Create maintenance orders and link them to digital work instructions and checklists

Plan maintenance intervals in detail

Define recurring activities using ‘scheduled rows’ and assign them to your workforce

Monitor progress

Monitor the progress of activities at any time in the dashboard and react faster to problems

Anhand tiefergehender Analysemöglichkeiten kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozess vorantreiben.

Identify failure causes

Perform statistical and image-based analyses and thus adjust maintenance intervals, for example

Define structure classes

Implement extensive comparative analyses on the basis of defined structure classes

Make better decisions

Use on the spot data to make profound decisions to increase availability, efficiency and security

Functions for industrial use

Drag and Drop

Simplify the creation and updating of your documentation

QR-Code Scanning

Start processes via search function or by scanning a QR code on your machine

End-to-end integration

Use orders from your ERP, MES or CMMS and work operationally in cioplenu

Incident management

Create tasks, assign them and ensure implementation

pictures and videos

Include images and videos in your documents to increase comprehension

Recurring orders

Schedule recurring maintenance tasks fine granularly in cioplenu

Error image analysis

Document findings via image or video and evaluate them systematically

Sensor Data

Read sensor data in real time from machines and third-party systems into the checklist


Success Story Hirschvogel

The Hirschvogel Automotive Group is one of the largest, globally operating automotive suppliers in the field of massive forming of steel and aluminum.

The simple use of maintenance instructions and checklists for the company’s complex plant parks poses a major, daily challenge.

Simply start, benefit immediately

By introducing cioplenu, you put an end to complex maintenance instructions, Excel-based planning and low transparency of maintenance processes.

In an initial kick-off meeting, we develop a target image for the maintenance documentation in your company and plan the next steps together.

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Alfons Hätscher, CFO der Hirschvogel Holding GmbH.

cioplenu contributes to a cost improvement and thus also to an improvement in our competitiveness.

Dr. Alfons Hätscher

Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH