Safe and targeted implementation of fire protection documentation

Julia Grobe
Specialist Industry 4.0
26.07.2019 | 3 min
Fire protection is an important and very complex issue. In Germany, various laws, standards and regulations regulate how residential and commercial properties are protected against fire. These requirements are no less complex for industrial production buildings.

In order to meet all required organisational and technical requirements, it is important to have the right employees and to support them optimally. With the help of fire protection protocols tailored to your company, your buildings and your production facilities and plants, you can help to ensure that your business is even better protected.

Fire protection concept and instructions on one platform
Create your company-specific digital fire protection concept. Save all laws and standards that apply to you and apply them to your specific requirements and needs. Mapping your entire company on a single platform for fire protection technology and creating all the necessary steps and protective measures as instructions for the relevant employees and facility management.

This means that testing and maintenance work can be carried out on a mobile device, supported by detailed instructions. You can also easily guide the new installation of protection mechanisms, e.g. visualized by graphics and pictograms, or by means of a short, explanatory video. In the future, you can simply dispense with confusing loads of paper from legal texts and files.

Digital checklists ensure transparency
In cioplenu, business and production management or other responsible persons can check the status of fire protection on a daily basis, see what tasks are next and assign them to employees. This can range from replacing fire and smoke detectors to testing fire doors and escape routes to maintaining complex overpressure ventilation systems. Any weak points in the fire protection concept can also be more easily identified and remedied by suitable measures.

With integrated checklists, which your employees can check off digitally directly in the process, i.e. after a certain task has been completed, they cannot forget a single step and everyone involved retains an overview. The executing employees also have the option of documenting detected defects and problems in the system and making them available to those responsible. Practical tips and tricks can also be saved for other colleagues.

Fire protection instructions using software tools
In an emergency, i.e. when a fire breaks out in your production plant, there is no time to read instructions and tips or to inform yourself about the correct procedure with colleagues or on notices. It is therefore important that you appoint fire safety officers among your employees and train them regularly. But all other employees must also be instructed in fire protection again and again so that they can react correctly when a fire breaks out.

You can implement these training courses and instructions digitally using the cioplenu. This means that every employee can carry out the specified fire protection instructions independently whenever he or she feels the need. This works in exactly the same way as training assembly processes using the software. You need neither training personnel nor paper documents. The confirmation of what has been learned and the knowledge of important laws and regulations is confirmed with the digital signature.

Digital documentation integrates obligation to provide evidence
Another big advantage that you can generate by using software is the documentation. This is important for the economic protection of your company. In the event of a fire, you must prove that you have taken all necessary precautions. You also have to prove the training of your employees at regular intervals – be it with insurance companies or authorities and offices. With cioplenu you always have everything clearly arranged.
Documentation on the subject of fire protection is not an unnecessary bureaucracy, but an important part of the organisation, control and detection of fire protection measures. A digital solution for documentation makes your daily work easier and also provides more transparency and security.

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