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Your partner for quality control

With cioplenu, employees carry out work processes on smartphones, tablets or stationary computers, regardless of location, language or department. Data from the process is sent back to a central location in real time. In this way, cioplenu creates transparency and provides information about existing processes. This gives you the opportunity to specifically increase the process qualities in your company.

Many partners trust us:

Changes always one step ahead

Keep your team constantly up to date and change the process documents of all involved employees at once. All data is securely stored in one place, so you always have the evidence you need for audits or certificates at hand.

Fixing core problems

Save important hours in investigating problems and breakdowns by taking a detailed look at process data and characteristics such as data, location, project, line, or inspection type. With cioplenu, you can easily see when a problem first occurred.

Creating trust through evidence

Provide all employees with consistent information to produce better quality. With cioplenu, you have a new database at your disposal with which you can keep your processes at the highest quality level throughout the entire value chain.

Quality control with cioplenu

Reduce error rates significantly

With new visualization options using images and video, you can increase the expressiveness of test procedures and explicitly draw employees’ attention to particularly specific, error-prone test points.

Increase process efficiency

No more paper piles and clipboards! With cioplenu, your employees can select and log checkpoints directly during execution. This simplifies and reduces documentation activities.

Optimize quality inspection

By working simultaneously on production orders, fitters and inspectors can work together more effectively. This not only saves time, but also improves process reliability. 

Process consistency through multilingualism

Use work instructions, checklists and protocols in multiple languages. Make sure that there is only one Single-Point-of-Truth for your documents. This ensures that processes remain identical across national borders.

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