Interactive use of work instructions


Interactive use of
work instructions


One software for many applications

The Assistant was developed to provide a robust software foundation for many industrial applications. Use the Assistant flexibly mobile or stationary.


Interactive documentation increases efficiency

Use the Assistant to generate information directly on-site in productive operation using target/actual queries, checklists and OK-nOK-confirmations.


Work multi-media without barriers

The Assistant offers an incomparable user experience that includes simple and intuitive interaction with a wide variety of media types (images, videos, PDFs, text formats, etc.).


Use automatically managed versions

Data takes over the complete version management for all content. Access and work with specific versions individually via the Assistant.

Overview of features

Mobile and stationary

Support your employees with a uniform solution – mobile at the tablet or at stationary terminals.

Interaction and value input

Use interaction options to capture input values and automatically log your activity.


Use different multimedia content in your work instructions (Images, Videos, PDF, etc.).

Error and failure reports

Create error reports directly during operational use and enrich them with videos and images.

Reduce your effort for

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