cioplenu Integrations

Use existing data from your IT systems for more efficient work and comprehensive automation

Easy connection and integration of external software

The cioplenu Connetor tool simplifies the connection of the platform to your existing IT infrastructure (e.g. ERP, ME systems). The interface enables, for example, order data, media and materials to be transferred to or extracted from the cioplenu platform.

Mapping of individual process chains

Via the cioplenu Connetor tool and the use of the cioplenu platform in the cloud, you have the possibility to map individual process chains and complex procedures. This enables an even more automated and efficient use.

Benefit from existing knowledge and our experience

Within the scope of “Professional Services”, we support you in the implementation with our versatile expertise from previous automation.
Why reinvent the wheel when an existing and successfully used process flow can be reused.

Standardized and open interfaces for maximum flexibility

Comprehensive API documentation and our support enable your specialists to carry out the networking independently.

Download our white paper on integration and automation