The basic software solution to create, manage and share
work instructions, checklists and protocols quick and easy.

Simplify the creation of process documentation

No matter what application you have, the Creator forms the basis of all cioplenu software solutions. With the Creator you create your work instructions and checklists according to the modular principle. Use our predefined templates to describe your processes step-by-step and visualize them with videos, images and PDFs. With just a few clicks you can create meaningful and interactive documentation.

All functions in one module

Use our integrated media editor to edit images and videos directly in the Creator. So you would not need any additional third party software. At the same time, edited media are versioned on the cioplenu platform and can easily be reset to their original state if required.

Interactions and feedback

Choose from a variety of interaction options that allow your employee to capture relevant data during the process, such as target-performance queries, checklist items, text, image, or video feedback, confirmations, and signature verifications.

Keep your employees up to date

Changed documentation is automatically forwarded to your employees. Changes in the documentation, in associated external attachments or translations are managed and archived.

Mastering variant diversity

Create modular work instructions, checklists and protocols to master complex processes. Increase efficiency potential through intelligent versioning and a clear presentation of the modular components.

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