Training Software

Secure company knowledge and educate new employees

1. Create training and education material

Save existing company knowledge and create training data

With the Creator, you can quickly and easily create training documents for the independent training of new employees or for the further training of existing staff. Supported by the integrated multilingualism, you can create process standards even across locations and national borders.

Visualize your documents with photos, videos and PDFs

Include existing images, videos and PDFs in your training documents or record new media during the process via tablet and smartphone. By that, you can efficiently document the existing advice of experienced colleagues and create helpful benefits for new employees: make the knowledge of your company available for every single team member at all times.

2. Organize and share training materials

Enable specific qualification based training and education

Integrate company-specific qualification classes, such as training levels, in order to map your company’s training concepts one-to-one in cioplenu and to create customized concepts for every single employee. You can also gain inspiration from stored qualification concepts published in the cioplenu Qualification Library.

Publish training documents directly via link

Documentation for learning and training can be shared directly with your employees via link. Hence, you ensure simple and fast distribution and availability of your training documents.

3. Conduct training and further education independently

Select training documents conveniently on your smartphone, tablet or laptop

With cioplenu, you can create training documents in various languages self-sufficiently. Using this function, you achieve standardized processes and a unified execution of your activities in all of your teams – without communication barriers.

Train your staff and avoid occupational accidents proactively

Instruct your employees correctly and eliminate possible occupational accidents right from the start. Fulfill your obligations to provide supporting documents and evidence by storing the qualification level of employees regarding training and education automatically: implement a beneficial overview of all knowledge-levels and competences.

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