Production Software

For digitized machine and plant construction

1. Create and improve machine and plant documentation continuously

Create as-built documentations without much effort

Develop interactive multimedia plant documentations based on mobile and digital checklists as well as work instructions with the Creator. Process steps that may occur frequently can be reused as a Modular Document in various other contexts. By that, you minimize the creation and maintenance effort and save valuable time.

Create and extend your documentations while executing the process

Create your work instructions and checklists during the first installation of your plant or machine. Record pictures and videos for visual descriptions of different work steps via smartphone or tablet. Thus, you can quickly implement process changes and establish a continuous improvement process.

2. Retrieve and use machine and plant documentation productively

Call up relevant documentations via QR-Code

Use the created As-built-documentations for rebuilding the machine and moreover, its commissioning or maintenance. Via scanning a QR-Code on a component or machine, you can easily select the required documentation via smartphone or tablet. By that, you avoid further insecurities, demands or unnecessary process steps.

Work on a project with several colleagues simultaneously

The live collaboration allows the unification of an unlimited amount of team mates, e. g. to set up a system. Without access conflicts or lost data – no matter how big your project, plant, component or document is: with the integration of cioplenu, you build the optimal foundation for flawless cooperations and best results – across different production sites.

3. Analyze your processes live and create PDF Reports

Gain real-time insights into your processes

With cioplenu, you gain a direct overview of your processes as well as relevant and critical error messages. Filter your view e. g. by users, groups, workstations or company-specific characteristics and establish an efficient base for all your reportings.

Create PDF Reports as verification documents

Create PDF Reports e. g. as activity verifications, quality protocols or checklists in any language and avoid redundant communication barriers. This functionality enables you to provide all relevant information to customers, suppliers and other third parties as structured PDFs.

4. Project planning and management

Create jobs and distribute tasks – all in one tool

Use the Order Management to carry out your projects centrally. Assign and delegate the tasks to the right team members. To ensure a smooth process, they can verify the assigned orders including the necessary work instructions and checklists on their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Digitize the management and organization of your projects

Planning your plant and mechanical engineering projects in cioplenu, you benefit from the all-in-one-software’s versatile project management-functions. The required documentation for an order can be linked easily and effectively. Use the calendar view to have a clear overview of your diverse projects.

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