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Utilize digital maintenance instructions and checklists from creation to reporting

Success story Hirschvogel

The Hirschvogel Automotive Group is one of the largest global automotive suppliers in the field of massive forming of steel and aluminium. The simple use of maintenance instructions and checklists for the company’s complex plant parks poses a major daily challenge.
In the success story you will learn how Hirschvogel was able to significantly reduce the effort for documentation in maintenance and repair with cioplenu.

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1. Create maintenance instructions and checklists easily

Generate flexible maintenance documents

Save yourself the tedious creation of your maintenance checklists and work instructions in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. With cioplenu, relevant process steps can be saved as modular building blocks and reused in various maintenance documents. In this way, you save the double creation and maintenance effort and create time for value-adding activities.

Edit pictures and videos in cioplenu

Increase the comprehensibility of your instructions by including pictures and videos. You can edit your media with the integrated editor in cioplenu. At the same time, edited media are versioned and can effectively be reset to their original state if required.

2. Plan maintenance orders and link them to work instructions

Link your orders directly to the right checklists and work instructions

Create maintenance orders directly in cioplenu and link the necessary process documentation. Define priorities as well as due dates and assign the particular order to your employees to manage your performance persistently.

Map maintenance intervals in detail

Use detailed interval planning to automatically create recurring maintenance orders. Create shift schedules or machine maintenance intervals to plan recurring maintenance tasks.

3. Retrieve the correct maintenance documents automatically

Call up your work instructions and checklists via QR-Code

With cioplenu, you are able to retrieve the right maintenance instructions at the right time in the right place. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can scan the QR-Code at your machine or the maintenance order. By that, you ensure the availability of all relevant information needed to execute all tasks properly and to save valuable time.

Control document access using individual rights

Transfer existing company structures from the master data of your local ERP-system. These can be e. g. the location of the plant, workplace, machine or the qualification level. You can use these characteristics to control the access rights of all your employees and to manage responsibilities in the long run.

4. Use maintenance documents everywhere

Use digital documents on tablets, smartphones or laptops

The obsolete piles of paper are a thing of the past. Use your digital maintenance instructions and checklists on any mobile device of your choice. For example, check points or signatures can be recorded during the execution and by that, you guarantee the adequate implementation of certain production processes.

Fulfill your documentation obligation

The various Interaction Options enable you to record important data directly during the process. For example, you can record error images during maintenance with the integrated image and video feedback and thus fulfill your obligation to provide supporting documents.

5. Monitor and analyze maintenance processes

View the live-status of your orders and associated maintenance processes

With cioplenu, you get vast Real-Time Insightsinto your maintenance processes. Filter your view by users, groups, workstations or company-specific characteristics. Error messages can be reviewed instantly what gives you the opportunity to eliminate them just in time.

Analyze important KPIs and optimize your maintenance processes

Analyze the average repair time after a system failure and other important measured variables which are relevant for the flawless execution of your processes. Evaluate the error images recorded via smartphone or tablet and improve your productivity.

6. Create, share and archive individual reports

Create PDF reports of your maintenance activities

Create individual PDF protocols of your maintenance and service activities in different languages. The reports reflect user interactions and show incorrect or missing mandatory data. Save your reports in a revision-proof manner and automatically link them to the corresponding orders. Time-consuming searches in paper folders are no longer necessary and your staff is now able to invest precious time in highly productive tasks.

Share PDF Reports with your suppliers and customers

Use the created PDF Reports as proof documents and make them available to your suppliers or customers. This is how you can easily fulfill your verification obligations with cioplenu.

How do you use cioplenu in maintenance?

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