Audit Software

Digitize quality inspection and carry out audits safely

1. Easily create documents for digital inspection

Create checklists for inspection and quality assurance

With the Creator you generate your inspection documentation according to the modular principle. The deployment of Modules assures the clear organisation of frequently occurring process steps in different documents. By that, you can easily and flexibly implement standards and establish them sustainably throughout the whole company.

Integrate different fields of interaction

Interactions include e. g. confirmation fields, text comments, target/actual value checks, signature fields or simple checklist items. By documenting defects via photo or video, you can retrace flaws in your production process and eliminate them in the long-term.

2. Retrieve checklists and edit them on mobile devices

Call up the appropriate checklist directly via QR-Code

Scan the QR-Code created in cioplenu via smartphone or tablet. You can depict various codes at your production machines or in the relevant documents. Thus, your employees are provided with the right inspection documents in the right place at the right time. Therefore, long search processes in paper folders belong to the past.

Increase your process efficiency with digital interactions

With various available interaction options e. g. checkpoints can be checked off and logged directly during execution. The recorded values are stored in cioplenu immediately and do not have to be entered laboriously by hand. According to this, you can considerably reduce non-value-adding logging activities.

3. Analyze and record inspections

Analyze your inspection processes and identify potential for improvement

Detect deviations between target and actual values as well as irregularities in the process. The images of occurring defects documented via smartphone and tablet during the inspection build the foundation for a continuous improvement process. Moreover, you generate a valuable knowledge-database as a major benefit for all your existing teams.

Generate PDF Reports as activity verifications

Log your performed inspections and audits as PDF Reports. Export PDF reports in different languages. The reports reflect user interactions and show incorrect or missing mandatory information. You can also share PDF reports with your service providers and customers. Benefit from the potential of efficient synergy effects and fulfill your obligations to produce supporting documents.

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