Simple, transparent pricing

The cioplenu pricing is made to meet your individual requirements. In three steps, we tailor the software modules to fit your use case and enable easy adjustments over time.

1 Configuration

The Basic package facilitates an easy and cost-efficient start for smaller corporations, the Professional and Enterprise package are made for large and mid-size industry leaders.

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Unlimited documents
Unlimited process executions
Unlimited locations
Included storage space (GB)50150500
Create documents
Integrate images and videos
Automatic versioning
Automatic creation of protocols
Individually branded reports
Flexible user roles355
Mobile web app
Work offline
Single Sign on
Knowledge base access
Ticket system help center
Weekly backups177
Phone support
Key account manager (optional)

2 Add-ons

Software requirements differ between industry branches and use cases. We make the relevant functionality available for your company. Therefore, you only pay for what you need.

Global assets

Centrally organize and edit images and videos. Ensure one source of truth and enable mass updates.

modular documents

Create template documents and use them as modules. No more copy and paste work. One source of process truth across multiple documents.

order management

Schedule, classify and assign orders to individual employees and attach relevant documents. Keep track of the progress and ensure that jobs get done.


Connect cioplenu to your existing IT landscape such as ERP system or MES. This helps you to eliminate data transfer efforts and conduct processes in less time.


Deploy structural classes to your documents according to your companies locations, teams, products or machines. This allows you a simplified organisation as well as benchmarking capabilities.


Use any common language in your checklists and instructions. Eliminate 100% of language barriers and establish one source of truth for your multilingual documents.


Visualize process statistics easily and evaluate failure points through images and videos captured on the spot. Benefit from continuous improvement based on real-time shopfloor data.

Instruction composer

Fully automate the creation of variant-rich process documentation. Ensure tailored information provisioning without any manual adjustment efforts.

Task management

Create and assign individual tasks and track the progress. Decrease your reaction time up to 95% and maintain high levels of machine uptime and quality.

3 Onboarding

Our services range from pragmatic and fast integration services to document transfer into cioplenu. Further time and material based assistance can of course be booked, too.


We support you with the initial platform set up and a joint project kick-off. You are also granted access to support webinars and our knowledge base.


Beyond the Essential scope, we help with basic milestone planning and consulting on both software implementation as well as hardware and infrastructure.


Additionally to the Standard scope, we offer company specific online trainings for the software use, implementation work of use case documents by our local Customer Success Team and guided Quarterly Business Reviews to ensure your sustainable and growing success.

Request offer

We are happy to advise you on the ideal software configuration and packages. As soon as you submit the below pricing request form, we will get in touch with you.

100 000+

software users

Broad manufacturing experience



Hosting in Germany

Dr. Alfons Hätscher
Chief Financial Officer, Hirschvogel Holding GmbH

Paper checklists are simply no longer up to date. They simply do not fit into the 21st century

One of the advantages of cioplenu is that the software can be used very widely and is internationally scalable, in all our divisions and across our entire organization”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the three price packages suits me best?

The right package depends largely on the size and complexity of your application case.

Basic: For small and medium-sized teams that do not require an additional IT system connection (e.g. ERP) but would like to benefit from digital work instructions and checklists.
Professional: If you also plan inspections, tests and other processes in cioplenu and would like to use Task Management, we recommend the Professional package.
Enterprise: For larger teams and full functionality, typically starting at about 250 users.

Is there a limit to the number of users in a price package?

No, each package can be scaled by the user without limits. However, we recommend switching to a higher package from a certain size onwards in order to be able to adequately reflect the complexity of larger organizations and thus also process flows – for example, by using a larger number of structural classes.

Are the users connected to persons?

The users are “Named Users”. This means that they are personal users who can log in to cioplenu at the same time. If an employee changes the department or leaves the company, the account can be transferred to another person.

How does cioplenu differ from the competition?

Like no other software provider, cioplenu combines simplicity of use with an innovative technological scope for industrial customers.

What happens if I want to end the collaboration again?

The data belongs to you at all times. In case of contract termination, we export any data and documents and make them available to you.

Is it possible to purchase the software once without the license model?

No. At cioplenu, we have opted for a licensing model that guarantees you flexibility, security and performance. The licensing model saves you costs for hosting, updates and IT security, among other things, and you benefit from the continuous further development of our software. The cioplenu solution is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud and thus meets the highest security and performance requirements.

Are updates, support and maintenance included in the prices?

Yes. In our license models you benefit from regular updates and continuous maintenance without any additional costs. Depending on the price package, you also receive comprehensive individual and personal support from our Customer Success Team.