cioplenu for ongoing operation

Standardize and continuously improve processes


Operational Excellence

cioplenu lets your entire team work more efficiently and effectively. With work data delivered directly from phone, tablet or computer to your dashboard, cioplenu provides visibility and understanding that establishes and improves operational standards across your organization. Your team can standardize work processes, send reports, identify areas of error and solve problems immediately.

Many partners trust cioplenu:

Standardize operational processes

Bring all employees on the same knowledge base across company boundaries and language barriers. Since your employees perform tasks based on the same documents and data flows back to the same location, cioplenu reduces process complexity on a daily basis.

Increase your productivity

Make your teams more efficient by eliminating the time spent duplicating records and transferring data from paper to digital. Prioritize tasks and processes centrally and avoid overtime.

Recognize optimization potentials

Analyze workflows and identify patterns using an easily available macro view of the entire production or individual processes. Your action data is brought together in one place and displayed in a real-time analysis dashboard. See at a glance which areas of the business require your attention.

Operative excellence with cioplenu

Optimize waiting times

Reduce set-up times with cioplenu and check which activities your employees can perform during a production shutdown. With suitable instructions, for example, every employee can quickly help with the changeover.

Reduce errors and defects

Errors and defects of any kind slow down production and lead to reduced quality and considerable costs. The quality of the work is constantly maintained at a high level by cioplenu, so that human errors are significantly reduced.

Continuous improvement process

By a digital, central administration of the work instructions and checklists, coworkers can introduce optimization suggestions without expenditure. The experience and potential of your employees is automatically disseminated and shared within the company.

Identifying and promoting talents

With cioplenu, employees are deployed according to their qualifications. This actively avoids over- or understraining employees. With cioplenu, you can analyse and document which qualifications are necessary for certain work steps.

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