More efficiency with digital work logs

Julia Grobe
Specialist Industry 4.0
07.06.2019 | 2 min
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Many employees think directly of control and covert harassment by their boss when they hear the term “work protocol”. But work logs are an important tool for a functioning and, above all, efficient production operation and, in particular, for identifying weak points in processes. Use it – not to control your employees, but to make your daily work easier and your production more efficient.
Increased efficiency instead of harassment
Work protocols are important in order to meet statutory obligations to provide evidence when it comes to product safety. Work logs also serve to monitor the processes and productivity of shop floor workers. But, above all, work logs serve to detect weak points in one’s own processes and to draw important conclusions for optimizing them. Unnecessary and cumbersome work steps that could be eliminated, improved or simplified, complicated assembly procedures, unsuitable tools,… All this and much more can be identified as weak points in your production operation and can often be eliminated with little effort. They rely on the feedback of your employees because they carry out the production steps for the manufacture of your product on a daily basis.
Digital feedback directly from production
But which worker has already desire and time to dedicate himself beside his actual activity still with a clipboard and a large stack at forms to the logging of his activity? That’s right! Nobody. Why not provide work instructions and work protocol integrated on a platform via a mobile device? With cioplenu you can offer your employees exactly this. While the worker carries out his work – guided by a digital work instruction – he can log his work directly in the same software. Simple checklists for ticking off the individual tasks can be easily processed in the process. Free text fields and the function to add videos and photos provide detailed possibilities for feedback.
The investment in a digital assistance software is worthwhile in order to log work in your shop floor. Benefit from simple and intuitive checklists, which your employees fill out directly in the process and thus provide you with important feedback. With cioplenu you provide your employees with real added value and increase the efficiency of your production.
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