Manufacturing and Assembly

Mastering variant diversity

Creating manufacturing and assembly instructions

Create manufacturing and assembly instructions directly in development or during pilot production of a new product. Use your smartphone or tablet to capture images and videos directly during the process. Add textual descriptions and interactions, such as OK/nOK testing.

Intelligent providing of assembly instructions

Automatically make only the relevant work instructions available to your employees. The current versions can be called up via tablet and smartphone or stationary at terminals. Use barcode or QR scans or order data directly from your ERP.

Analyze and optimize

Analyze the activities you have carried out and enter changes into your work instructions and checklists without great effort. The cioplenu platform takes care of the automatic versioning for you. Your employees receive the updated documents immediately via a defined approval process.

cioplenu modules for paperless manufacturing and assembly

No more need of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for your process documentation


Creation and continuous improvement of documentation


Interactive worker guidance for stationary assembly at terminals


Interactive worker guidance and pda on smartphones or tablets


Real-time status overview, analysis and automated log generation

Get to know production and assembly with cioplenu