Maintenance revolutionized

Standardize complex maintenance processes in digital checklists

Create instructions decentralized

With the Creator you can create maintenance instructions and checklists across teams and departments. Standardize maintenance processes with automated versioning, multilingualism and collaboration function.

Manage and control documentation from a central location

Maintenance processes are mapped only once across locations. Standardize processes and establish the “Single Point of Truth”. Checklists and work instructions are intelligently managed by a flexible release and versioning system.

Perform and document maintenance procedures

Use the created documentation as a work instruction and checklist for your employees. These can be conveniently accessed via smartphone, tablet or stationary screens. The work performed can be automatically documented and then exported to the proof of the activity as a PDF or csv file.

Dispatch documentation on site

Include new work instructions and checklists directly on the site. Images, videos and text information are saved directly and can be used by other users after release.

Continuous improvement process from day one

With the Creator you can integrate your employees’ suggestions for changes into existing work instructions in real time. Establish a company knowledge cloud that develops independently and is maintained by employees.

Planning and coordinating maintenance

Schedule your maintenance processes directly in the cioplenu platform and link your maintenance processes with orders or transfer order data from ERP, ME or other planning systems.

Show detailed maintenance intervals

Use the detailed interval planning in cioplenu to automatically create reoccurring maintenance orders. Use shift schedules or machine maintenance intervals to plan recurring maintenance tasks.

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