Simple mapping of individual processes

Create maintenance instructions

Create maintenance instructions and checklists by taking pictures and videos directly in the process via smartphone or tablet. Add textual descriptions, checkpoints, and interactions such as target-performance checks.

Perform and log maintenance procedures

Use the generated documentation as work instructions and checklists for your employees. These can be conveniently accessed via smartphone, tablet or stationary screens. The work carried out can be automatically logged and then exported as a PDF or csv file to prove the activity.

Planning and coordinating maintenance tasks

Plan your maintenance processes directly in the cioplenu platform and link your maintenance processes with orders or transfer order data from ERP, MES or other planning systems.

cioplenu modules for paperless maintenance

No more need of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for your process documentation


Preparation of maintenance instructions and checklists


Create maintenance orders and link them to checklists


Interactive use and production data acquisition on mobile devices


Real-time status overview, analysis and automated log generation

Get to know maintenance with cioplenu