Maintenance protocols – digital and simple

Valentin Ostarhild
Head of Marketing
16.07.2019 | 3 min
Maintenance is important in order to keep industrial production up to date. All machines and systems involved in the production of goods, as well as technical building installations such as heat pumps, smoke and fire alarms or refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, must be serviced regularly so that production can run smoothly and without disruptions. In addition to correctly performed maintenance work, documtation is also very important.

Maintenance protocols can be used to track who carried out what work when and what was done. Which wearing parts were replaced if necessary? What special features were there? All this and much more is recorded in so-called maintenance protocols. In order to derive maximum benefit from maintenance protocols, they should best be digital.

Digital and mobile availability
With its digital assistance software, cioplenu offers the possibility to individually set up digital maintenance protocols. The Creator module allows you to create individual templates for all systems to be maintained. The advantage: You can omit all unneeded aspects from standard forms and add your own points.

The input mask for the digital maintenance protocol can be made available to your employees via the InField module, either on a stationary terminal or on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, at the point of action.

Step-by-step instructions with checklist function
In the InField module, your employee will be guided step by step through the maintenance manual you have created. The good thing about it is that he can confirm each completed step directly in an interactive checklist – there is no need to switch between instructions and checklist. In this way, both your employee and you can see the current progress.

At the end of the maintenance your employee can confirm the maintenance with his digital signature. He can also record any special features that occur during the maintenance process in writing or document them with photos and videos. The maintenance protocol is then stored centrally on the cioplenu platform. This means that it can be viewed by all authorised persons and that they always have the current maintenance status at their disposal.

Reduce downtime
In the cioplenu Reporter you keep an eye on the maintenance of your production machines and systems as well as on the status of the building services installations in production. You can better coordinate maintenance and carry it out, for example, during the conversion of other machines in order to save as much time as possible.

cioplenu supports you with predictive maintenance. You can avoid downtime in advance with intensive and detailed maintenance using the step-by-step instructions and ensure that your operation is no longer interrupted by unforeseen technical problems.

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