Losing and missing was yesterday: How to efficiently organize maintenance plans

Valentin Ostarhild

Business Development

19.04.2019 | 3 min

They come as safely and as suddenly as birthdays and Christmas: the regular maintenance of machines and systems in the manufacturing industry. Just like in the case of a car, these maintenance tasks serve to assess wear and tear, identify and rectify possible defects and prevent major breakdowns that can lead to production downtimes. Read here how to efficiently organize your maintenance plans.
In fact, even in times of digitalisation, maintenance work is still documented in paper magazines or folders. Just think of the good old checkbook in your own vehicle, which reminds you of the inspection due with handwritten entries.

Generally, a maintenance plan should be used to maintain the functionality and operational safety of machines and systems. The meticulous observance of the maintenance intervals by an authorised specialist with appropriate qualifications is necessary in order to obtain warranty claims from the manufacturer. It can also be used for legal protection in the event of faulty production, but also in the event of accidents at work on the machine.

The intervals at which the production equipment is serviced as standard depend primarily on the manufacturer and the intensity of use. The manufacturer’s maintenance plan provides for various inspection points, which are primarily based on the weak points that have arisen in the past from similar machines. For example, a maintenance plan includes the control of wear parts and the wear of the machine or plant as a whole. Possible errors and technical defects must also be excluded. Software updates can also be included in the maintenance.

For industrial production, paper folders for checklists for maintenance are no longer up to date and, above all, not efficient. Too often individual documents are lost, handwritten documents cannot be deciphered or the location of the folder is not known to the maintenance officer. This can result in serious errors and omissions in compliance with maintenance intervals and the processing of individual checkpoints.

With a digital assistance software you can organize all maintenance documents centrally and standardized. Your employees are guided interactively through the maintenance process and simply tick off completed maintenance work directly in the process. This allows you to search through all entries at a later date and track the progress of maintenance – should questions arise or information be needed for a similar process.

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