Standardized solutions from overseas 

Modern integration

Standardized connectivity options

Oracle is one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to the latest standards and provides standardized interfaces and thus, the basis for successful and smooth integration of the cioplenu platform into the Oracle environment.

Actually everything

Middleware direct from Oracle

Oracle REST Data Service takes over the task of a middleware as an in-house implementation method and can be joint directly to the cioplenu platform. Recent standards in JSON data format are used here with a RESTfull API.

Uniform data basis

Free and lean data flows

Parts lists, project and material numbers, contact persons, construction plans, work sequences – all relevant data that has already been entered and stored in Oracle Business Suite is now also available on site on the cioplenu platform and can be reported back to the ERP system.


Automate your data flows and leave the data management to the algorithms.


Stay flexible to changes and rely on future technologies.


Why complicated when it can be easy? Less error sources high reliability.


Do your work right once – and not twice or three times. Create lean data flows along your value chain.

Lean integration through standards

ORACLE REST Data Service

The Oracle REST Data Service middleware allows a point-to-point connection between the Oracle Business Suite and the cioplenu platform. The queries are converted to SQL, which generate corresponding queries in the Oracle database. The query is again translated from SQL into JSON format and can then be used on the cioplenu platform.


Rely on the latest standards. Documented and standardized APIs ensure cross-platform data exchange.


Lead your company to the future. Digitalize processes along the entire value chain and for everyone.


Eliminate redundant records, consolidate information and escape the data chaos.


Focus on adding value to your business and reduce unnecessary work.

Would an integration make sense?

Integration of the cioplenu platform into your existing NetSuite ERP cloud system makes sense if you want to collect, share and manage data across departments and along the entire value chain. All relevant information is then entered centrally in your ERP system and called up as required.

By this, all existing data records can be viewed and edited via the ERP system or used for other purposes such as analysis and evaluation. This is independent of the software. Depending on which area you work in or which software tool you and your employees prefer – you decide for yourself.

Which interface do I need?

Using the middleware Oracle REST Data Service or alternatively plenudata, a point-to-point connection can be realized between the Oracle Business Suite and the cioplenu platform and your ERP system is connected.
This middleware is the translator between both systems and ensures a smooth data exchange.

The queries are converted to SQL, which generate corresponding queries in the Oracle database. The query is again translated from SQL into JSON format and can then be used on the cioplenu platform.

Have you already integrated third-party software into your Oracle environment? Have you already done this using Oracle REST Data Service? Then the existing interface should, if possible, also be used for future integrations.

How can the cioplenu platform be integrated into your system?

As part of a project, the cioplenu platform is integrated and implemented in your ERP environment in cooperation with your IT specialists.

First we carry out an inventory of your existing system and define together with you the requirements and the overall framework in which you would like to use the cioplenu platform.

Subsequently, we will introduce the cioplenu platform in your company in collaboration and establish the interface and integrate it into ERP and other systems.

The aim is a uniform system – not a consulting project.

Do you have questions?

Are you interested in the cioplenu platform but not sure how it can be integrated into your existing ERP system?

You have already integrated other software into your ERP system and want to integrate cioplenu in the same way?

You use another ERP system?

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