Test processes

Simplify quality inspection and assurance

Create test instructions

Use the versatile interaction possibilities of the cioplenu platform to map your entire testing processes in a standardized way. With the additional visualization options via image and video, you can also increase the significance of the test procedures and point out particularly critical test points to employees. With the integrated image and video feedback, you get a deeper insight into your processes and increase transparency for yourself and your customers.

Intelligent provision of test instructions

Automatically provide your employees with only the test instructions that are relevant to them. The desired versions can be called up via tablet or smartphone. Your employees can choose between different detailed views depending on their qualification level.

Logging and analyzing

The tests performed are automatically logged and archived in the form of a report in the cioplenu platform in a revision-proof manner. Fulfill your obligations to provide evidence and send the generated reports to your clients, e.g. in PDF format.

cioplenu modules for paperless testing processes

No more need of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for your process documentation


Creation and continuous maintenance of test instructions and checklists


Real-time status overview, analysis and automated log generation


Interactive use and test data acquisition on mobile devices


Creation of test orders and linking with test instructions

Get to know the testing processes with cioplenu