How to digitalize your production operation in a practical way

Julia Grobe

Specialist Industry 4.0

14.06.2019 | 3 min

When it comes to digitalization, many companies are still at a loss. What exactly is digitalization supposed to be? Which systems do you need? How do you increase productivity and efficiency with the help of digital methods? And when does my investment actually pay off? Questions about questions that hardly anyone in charge of production dares to ask themselves – because the discussion about digitization at congresses or in trade media is often extremely abstract and only superficial.

We will explain to you how to take the first steps towards digital production safely and sustainably and which area is worth starting with.

Focus on the human being

At first it sounds contradictory, as many people think of the rationalisation of manual workplaces when they hear the word digitalization Wrong! With the targeted digitalization of your production you support your employees. Digital work instructions, documentation during the process, checklists on mobile devices or maintenance protocols: all this helps employees to complete their tasks quickly, efficiently and without errors.

One platform for all

The cioplenu platform combines all aspects mentioned above on a single platform. This allows synergies to be exploited on a large scale. For example, you can easily create work instructions, photos and videos in an editor with just a few clicks. You then make the information available to all employees who are to work with it – across locations and in different languages.

You can also create checklists for plant maintenance or as-built documentation in the assembly process. Defects and errors as well as tips and tricks can be recorded and documented by photo or video. The production management easily keeps track of all ongoing, pending and completed work and the workers benefit from the digitally documented experience of their colleagues. The training of new colleagues is faster and more efficient and only rarely requires the presence of an experienced specialist.

Modular, flexible and integrated

Thanks to the modular and flexible structure of the cioplenu software, you can start small, e.g. in a production line, and then scale across the entire production operation at all company locations – at your own pace and without risk. Numerous interfaces to all common ERP and ME systems ensure that you do not use cioplenu as a closed system, but can connect your entire IT infrastructure with the software and thus map production and economic processes holistically – from material ordering to the finished system


You are well advised to start your digitization with your most important asset, your employees. This not only benefits your production, but also increases the motivation and qualification of your staff. And you see the best, the Return of Invest (ROI) immediately: in motivated employees who enjoy clicking through the digital instructions and seeing their progress documented, in increasing product quality, decreasing error rates, fewer rejects and complaints, more output and shorter training times … and after a short time also on your account.

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