Good resolutions: Why you should start digitalizing your production right now

Daniel Grobe

Sales and operations

14.01.2019 | 4 min

The New Year is only a few weeks old: time to finally tackle the good resolutions of New Year’s Eve. It’s best to take this motivation from your private life with you into the office and put long-discussed digitalization projects into practice. In order to stay fit and agile in the long term, it is worth investing in digitalization.

There are two common things about the New Year’s resolutions and the 4.0 projects that have been discussed in theory for a long time: nothing gets better if you postpone it again and again. And of course the reasons for the postponement are always the same. We have compiled the most frequent reasons for postponing digitalization projects and you will certainly find yourself in them.

    • Lack of financial resources
      In the budget planning, the issue of sustainability was once again left behind in favour of daily business.
    • Busy Season:
      Once again, the order situation does not allow for large projects.
    • Fear of the new, digital world:
      High complexity, a seemingly unpredictable scope of the project, the lack of clear objectives and a non-existent definition of the use case…. “Implement industry 4.0” is, of course, a far too abstract guideline from your boss.
    • Never change a running System:
      “We’ve always done it this way”, is a good answer to almost every question. Do you think so? Just because something has grown historically, it doesn’t mean it has to be good at all.
    • There are more important projects in particular 
      Got it. But what is more important than going solidly and competitively into the future with the entire company? In the long term, it is the people who shape the success of the company and they should receive the best possible work support.

Certainly each of these arguments has its justification in some situations and projects, but when it comes to digitalization you should leave your comfort zone as soon as possible and take the plunge into the cool waters of the big new world. It’s like going to the gym with your weaker self before you go to the gym. You’ll see, in the end it’s half as bad as you thought before. We’ll tell you here why you should start your digitalization project right now:

1. The financial expenditure is limited
No high investments are necessary. Most software products and server services are paid on a monthly rental basis. Modern providers know that the classic 20 percent maintenance contracts have long since become obsolete and offer their customers fair rental models without years of obligations and binding clauses.

2. Effiency and productivity are immediately increased
With better documentation for work instructions or protocols, your entire production becomes more efficient. You can react much faster to customer requests. This significantly shortens the go-to-market time for your products.

3. Industry 4.0 is an iterative process
You cannot buy this as an all-inclusive package. This will not change in future. It is not worth waiting for the finished, perfect solution for everything. Static was yesterday, the magic word is: dynamism.

4. Make the daily business of your employees more comfortable!
The majority of your employees encounter work instructions on a daily basis. If you successfully digitalize them and make them available better, faster and easier to understand, you are creating the foundation for your company’s success. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, there is no more important topic than intelligent work instructions. On the one hand to keep the satisfaction and motivation of your staff on a high level, on the other hand to introduce unskilled personnel quickly into processes.

5. Globalization requires standards and growth
This can be, e.g., the establishment of a new production site or simply the introduction of a standardized company terminology for process descriptions. Especially in times of growth, efficient documentation is worth its weight in gold, not least to guarantee the return of investment (ROI) in the shortest possible time and to be fit for further steps towards the future.

6. Say „goodbye“ to word processing programs!
The faster you start, the earlier you put an end to the inefficient and time-consuming work with word processing programs. Here you can find 6 reasons why you should not use popular word processing applications to create digital work instructions.

7. Think about tomorrow today!
Steel yourself in good times for possible weaker economic phases. Secure the important process knowledge to be able to react to capacity adjustments in the future and to be able to restart production quickly afterwards.

8. Always be one step ahead of your competitors!
You can face the increasing competitive pressure in your markets with a smile and an innovative tool. With digitalized work instructions you save a lot of time in which no other values were generated. You can pass on these savings directly to your customers and convince them not only with quality, but also by winning every price war in the market.


Picking up the analogy of the New Year resolutions again: after sports is before sports! Afterwards you will feel much better and the first results and successes will not be long in coming.

Get started with your digitalization! cioplenu accompanies you step by step into digital reality.

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