QR code

Retrieve the right documentation at the right time in the right place.


Easy creation

In the cioplenu platform you can easily and quickly create new QR codes and link them to your work instructions, checklists or tutorials. You can freely choose the content of the QR code – i.e. you can also use already available codes several times. Multiple assignment and management of all QR codes is also possible.


Flexible use

QR codes are also successfully used in the private sector to provide information quickly. Using the QR code scanner integrated in cioplenu, documentations can be called up without any further search effort. You do not need any additional hardware or software for use.


The right information in the right place

Equip your facilities, premises and workplaces with QR codes. By simply scanning in via smartphone or tablet, your employees receive the right documentation at the right time. Processes become more secure and transaction times are reduced.

Creating QR codes and linking them to documentation