Creation, management and analysis of digital working instructions, checklists and protocols

Modular concept

Innovative system to create content intuitively

Create digital, interactive documentation in no time at all. Create complex content quickly and easily.

Increase in efficiency

Create & edit all content with the editor

You don´t need additional tools anymore to create the work instructions. With cioplenu you can overcome the media breaks and thus increase the overall efficieny. 


Manage internal and external content

Videos, images, PDFs and other files are managed directly in the editor. External sources can be integrated to enable central data and information management.

Overview of features

Automated versioning

Automated versioning of work instructions simplifies the management and ensures audit safety.

Multilevel user concept

Use our multilevel user concept to conduct document reviews and implement approval processes.

Numerous build-in-tools

Overcome media breaks by using our build-in-tools for image and video editing.

Support of different data formats

Add videos, images, PDF documents and other data to your work instructions.

Reduce your effort for

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