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Success story Hirschvogel

The Hirschvogel Automotive Group is one of the largest global automotive suppliers in the field of massive forming of steel and aluminium. The simple use of maintenance instructions and checklists for the company’s complex plant parks poses a major daily challenge.

In the success story you will learn how Hirschvogel was able to significantly reduce the effort for documentation in maintenance and repair with cioplenu.

Success story POLIPOL

At POLIPOL the assembly instructions for process execution and training of new employees were created in the classic word processing applications. As a result, media breaks occurred in many places. Furthermore, the administration, versioning and archiving of printed work instructions became more and more complex.

Read here how POLIPOL successfully solved these challenges with the cioplenu software.

Success story IMI

IMI Precision Engineering is a global leader in power transmission and fluid power. Here you can read how IMI continues to implement the lean production approach with cioplenu and how the digital transformation is making IMI fit for the future.