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Logo of the Trumpf Group for machine tools
Logo of the Trumpf Group for machine tools


Success Story Nabertherm

he requirements for a suitable solution for digital process documentation at nabertherm GmbH were high, because flawless quality assurance is extremely important for a diverse and international customer base.

In the video you can see how Nabertherm was able to significantly reduce the documentation effort with cioplenu and also increase employee satisfaction.

Success Story Yuanda

For the innovative manufacturer of collaborative robots, in addition to technology and product development, the precise and high-quality production and assembly of the robots is a major success factor.

Watch the video to see how cioplenu not only supports employees in their daily work, but also helps to reduce effort and costs across departments.



Success Story Hirschvogel

The Hirschvogel Automotive Group is one of the largest global automotive suppliers in the field of massive forming of steel and aluminium. The simple use of maintenance instructions and checklists for the company’s complex plant parks poses a major daily challenge.

In the success story you will learn how Hirschvogel was able to significantly reduce the effort for documentation in maintenance and repair with cioplenu.


Success Story Brückner

As the world market and quality leader, Brückner manufactures machines and systems on which plastic films are produced. The main requirement of a software solution is to provide production staff with up-to-date information.

Watch the video to see how Brückner uses cioplenu not only to document plants holistically, but also to benefit from decisive simplifications in quality testing.


Success Story Soudronic

The leading manufacturer of production equipment for metal packaging faced the challenge that the meticulous quality inspection was characterized by system breaks, paper handling and a high effort to provide documents.

Read here how Soudronic digitized, simplified and seamlessly integrated inspection processes in just a few weeks. Quality inspectors can now focus on what is really important.

Success Story POLIPOL

At POLIPOL the assembly instructions for process execution and training of new employees were created in the classic word processing applications. As a result, media breaks occurred in many places. Furthermore, the administration, versioning and archiving of printed work instructions became more and more complex.

Read here how POLIPOL successfully solved these challenges with the cioplenu software.


Success Story IMI

IMI Precision Engineering is a global leader in power transmission and fluid power. Here you can read how IMI continues to implement the lean production approach with cioplenu and how the digital transformation is making IMI fit for the future.