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Research as a basis – practice as a maxim

cioplenu GmbH is based on the scientific activities of the founding team at Germany’s leading research institutions. The cioplenu platform combines the knowledge gained from years of process analysis in industry with the latest technology.

In the development process, the human being is always at the center of our visions. The cioplenu platform supports the operative business and every single employee in the production equally and can thus contribute to the success of your company.

Your efficiency is our incentive

One thing drives us from cioplenu: We want to advance the digital transformation of your company in big steps. Through optimized information documentation and availability, we help you eliminate the waste of any resources and make your Operational Excellence (OPEX) a reality. Our software platform is your digital tool to document important process knowledge much easier and faster than before. In addition, you can provide your employees with all relevant information at the right time and in the right place.

Cooperation as a key to success

cioplenu is now used worldwide by leading companies from a wide variety of industries. We work closely with our customers and partners, because we are convinced that the best results can be achieved through trusting and open cooperation at eye level. As a customer you get the unique opportunity to become part of a community and benefit from the experience of other companies.

Which optimization potentials can be found in your process documentation?

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