cioplenu? What is it and what do I need it for?

Benjamin Brockmann

General manager

26.08.2019 | 3 min

Work instructions and documentation are often an annoying, complex and complicated topic for companies. Nevertheless, you know only too well that work instructions are the basis of daily work in manufacturing companies and are of great importance for consistently high quality and all aspects of legal security.

The cioplenu software reduces your effort in creating and continuously updating work instructions, checklists and documentation. The work instructions form the core of the cioplenu platform. Around it there are other different modules that you can use correspondingly, but do not necessarily have to use. This allows you to configure a completely individual software solution – regardless of the industry in which you operate or the type of company in which you work. With the help of precise and intuitively comprehensible descriptions in the form of text, image or video, you can build simple work instructions and make them available in various languages. Clear, automatic versioning and secure archiving are also included. This means that all users in the company can be sure that they are always working with the latest version.

The advantages of cioplenu are obvious. You can reduce any effort for updating and changing documents by up to 80 percent. At the same time, the software makes the work of your production staff easier: because a picture or a short video often says more about a job than thousands of words printed on paper. In addition, the innovative software reduces the effort required to train new staff. Videos and illustrated step-by-step instructions enable every employee to learn independently, efficiently and quickly, regardless of training or previous experience. This not only saves time, but also the expensive labour of experienced colleagues, who can concentrate on the immediate added value.

So what do I get from cioplenu?
  • More time: up to 80 percent less work in creation and maintenance

  • More money: more efficient, faster production through clear and constantly available information
  • More space and more trees: no more paper manuals and folders
  • More capacity: fast training without tying up the resources of experienced employees
  • More quality: through precise and standardised work instructions
And what else?
  • Transparency: through interactive confirmation options
    (e.g. check off, digital signature)
  • Traceability: Which employee worked on what and when?
  • Insight: automatic versioning always ensures working with the latest document version
  • Internationality: different languages and cross-location use
Companies of all sizes and from a wide variety of industries used our software to make their documentation simpler, more transparent and future-proof. Read here some of our customer storys.

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