Creating as-built documentation with cioplenu

Provide your employees a digital tool to document all processes precisely

Image and video based as-built documentation

The cioplenu platform allows image and video-based as-built-documentation of equipment and machinery during initial setup. This documentation can then be used in a variety of ways. For example, as a clear basis for the factory acceptance test or the reconstruction at the customers site.
As-built documentation software
As-built documentation

Increase flexibility

With our solution, you can divide the documentation into individual work packages according to the disassembly, and then make use of the visual as-built documentation when rebuilding the system at the customer. This makes you much more efficient. Likewise, through the simple and comprehensible presentation of the information, even unskilled specialists can be involved in setting up the system.

Advantages of our solution for the as-built documentation

Easy documentation

Concentrate your information on on platform

Varied use

Simultaneous efficieny gains for you and your customers

Shortening of go live

With cioplenu you are more flexible and faster

Reduce your effort
for as-built documentation

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