Focus on the impact with Adaptive Process Execution

Empower your employees and carry out processes safely, reliably and efficiently. With cioplenu APE, your checklists and work instructions become the digital basis for organising, carrying out and analysing your processes with dynamic integration into your systems.
The shortest last mile to the worker.
The APE engine dynamically controls the provision of information so that operational staff can concentrate on their core activities.

Contexualized Information

Modules are automatically compiled specifically according to process variant, shift, experience level or machine


Process data is merged from different systems in real time and non-relevant content is faded out



Image and video content increases comprehensibility and can be continuously developed further

Output Dynamization

Process information is automatically transferred to third-party systems and automated workflows support shop floor management
Modular, smart, end-to-end integrated checklists, SOPs and protocols as a vehicle for transparent and efficient workflows for the entire Smart Factory.

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Turn 10 into 1. With Adaptiveness

Operational staff often use up to ten different systems for information gathering, process execution, reporting and archiving to carry out their processes. With cioplenu, these systems are bundled into one system.


Faster provision of
information through dynamic input

Instead of separate information gathering via ERP, visual process instructions and reference tables, everything is bundled in cioplenu.


cycle times

Tablet instead of clipboard. Thus you can use the integrated image capture function instead of using a separate camera. In addition, all irrelevant information is hidden.


Automatic reporting
and data transfer

Instead of manual transfer of hand writing and data to text editing programmes or databases, the report is generated automatically with one click.

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