4 Reasons why you should rely on digital defect reports

Julia Grobe
Specialist Industry 4.0
02.08.2019 | 2 min
Digital defect reports offer you and your employees many advantages in everyday production. Simply integrate defect reports into your worker assistance software and benefit from a simplification of your processes and the increased quality of your products. Here, we have compiled the four most important benefits for you.
1. Individual
Configure defect reports that are individually tailored to your products or machines and systems. No matter whether for the maintenance of production plants or for the inspection of production results, in the cioplenu software you define the checklists of the defect report – individually and precisely tailored to the respective requirements.
2. Fast
Relieve and support your employees by relieving them of time-consuming office work. The digital defect report is entered directly in the process on a digital device such as a tablet or mobile phone. This way no detail can be forgotten and all information can be written down with little effort in a short time – supported or by means of free text or both.
3. Central
Filing cabinets and a huge amount of folders in different places, but the required document does not seem to be found. Stop it! Digital defect reports are stored centrally in the cloud or on-premises in real time. So any authorized person can access it at any time and from any location. The integrated search function also noticeably increases findability.
4. Paperless
Thanks to digital defect reports, you no longer need paper in your production plant. This allows you to produce more sustainably and focus on the essentials. Clipboards with constantly missing pens and cumbersome, complex forms are a thing of the past.

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