The mobile
operating system
for your workforce

cioplenu is the all-in-one software for digital maintenance, quality inspection, as-built documentation and training

Map your process documentation digitally throughout your company. Simple, flexible, effective.

Easy to use software for documentation of recurring work processes

Company-wide use in production, maintenance, quality assurance and training

Simple implementation of your use case
with immediate benefits

Revolutionize the way your deskless workers work by following four simple steps.

1. Create

Create work instructions in no time using drag & drop and our modular system. Integrate media and define interactions such as value entries and image feedbacks.

“We were able to reduce the effort for the creation of work instructions and checklists significantly.”
Jörg Ringmeir

Head of IT Business Services, Hirschvogel Automotive Group

2. Manage and connect

Use existing ERP data and rights management to make your process documentation always available: At the right place with the right version.

“With cioplenu we cover the last mile from our ERP to the worker.”
Jens Kahlmeyer

Head of Supply Chain & Logistics, Yuanda Robotics

3. Document

Work mobile and collaboratively on the shop floor. Share important information such as problems directly and create reports automatically. Completely independent of the device and easy to access via search function or QR code.

“Thanks to cioplenu we have been able to drastically reduce the number of complaints from our customers. Thus, the investment in cioplenu has already paid off financially after a short time.”
Christoph Krauß

Project Engineer, Stabilo

4. Analyze and improve

Check the live status of your orders and respond to error messages quickly and effectively. Optimize value creation processes based on the data returned from your deskless workforce.

“In the beginning cioplenu was a checklist solution for us. In the meantime it has become a universal solution for many areas of application.”
Thomas Adamek

Head of IT & Quality Management, Nabertherm

With the cioplenu software you benefit
from extensive advantages.

Solve typical problems of paper-based documentation

Increase employee productivity by 10% through
elimination of non-value adding activities

Capture unused competitive advantages and potentials

Increase your product quality by up to 80%

Improve your value adding processes and reduce costs

Reduce process cycle times by up to 40%