Work instructions
and checklists for industry leaders

Create interactive instructions, solve incidents and drive continuous improvement

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Image and video based worker guidance across the shopfloor

Learn how our automotive client with 5000+ employees uses cioplenu in maintenance for planning and executing all maintenance jobs.

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Hear from the market leader of industrial furnaces how cioplenu helps to digitize quality checks and drive continuous improvement.

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See how the innovative robots manufacturer uses cioplenu to drive product quality and connect their employees across the globe.

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The solution

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Define work steps

Create your instructions via drag & drop without 
any coding and embed pictures and videos

Choose interactions

Include interactive elements such as OK / not OK, value comparison, checkpoints and many more

Plan your activities

Attach instructions and checklists to orders, e.g. from your ERP or within cioplenu

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Conduct process

Navigate through the process step by step in all languages and sign digitally after completion

Capture insights

Provide shopfloor insights to the team through capturing of images and videos within the process

Assign tasks

In case of any incident, create and assign tasks and solve them collaboratively

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Monitor progress

Track the progress of all your processes, identify issues and define countermeasures

Analyse KPIs

Conduct statistical analysis on failed items and various process parameters

Drive continuous improvement

Continuously improve both the documentation and your operational processes

Benefit from digital work instructions and checklists


process adherence

cycle times